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      3. After-sales service

        Home >> After-sales service

        Between the company and its clients establish long term partnerships, rather than simply business relationship, we will continue with customers work together, and development. All the company's operating system, management system, strategic planning, mission, vision has a most fundamental key, both is profit. While its profit is the only source of customers and therefore satisfies the customer the demand for our enterprise operating the highest working policy. Customer satisfaction is the inspection of our work only starting point and standards.

        We to the national customer complaints feedback promises principle,

        Immediate feedback, and never making excuses, Immediately the error correction, correct. If you have any comments, Suggestions, complaints, please directly contact us, thank you for your attention!

        Provides eight hours of hotline inquiry serves, email response, purchasing negotiation, order online consulting etc, also unceasingly diligently to cooperative operators to provide professional service support. In order to realize the build first-class service center, cultivate first-class service professionals, and LinYan progresses together common growth vision. Excellent customer service management team and specialized customer service staff will provide you with comprehensive, sweet, timely high-quality gold medal service.

        In order to make the engineer constantly improve their skills to provide more comprehensive service, our every month to engineer for professional technical training, and is not regularly technical examination.

        Work by customer service dispatching unified arrangement. In order to thinning our services, my company implements the regional management, staff full-time for each client to provide services, and that every engineer for their own area of customer whole-hearted service.

        Professional service allows you to GaoChen carefree!

        Product use process if you have any question, may consulting company under the professional after-sale service center, can provide efficient after-sales service.

        Company cooperates with CCTV, places, such as large famous media cooperation, strong build China stainless steel cup industry leader brand.

        Professional integrated marketing management

        Professional integration of the media

        The integration of the professional after-sale service

        The integration of the professional consultation of customers 


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