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      3. Culture

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        The 21st century is cultural management era, is the culture rich era. Enterprise culture will be the core competitiveness of the enterprise, is the enterprise tube in the most important content Daniel.

        Culture is a reflection of the modern production and market economy is the general law of new management idea, is in management science and behavioral science basis gradually evolved result of a modern management theory. In science and technology are developing rapidly, social level enhances unceasingly, city games in fierce competition under the conditions of the developed, its purpose is to spiritual, emotional, physical, cultural means full foot employees material and spiritual needs to improve enterprise centripetal force and cohesion. Stimulate staff's enthusiasm and creativity, enhancing economic effect.

        A pursuit of profit maximization of enterprise, want to have good, sustained economic benefits, will increase our enterprises industry loyalty customer group and employees, improve their respective enterprises of reliability, and therefore must be set up the good enterprise image, it is said, good economic benefit from good enterprise image, good corporate image is dependent on the outstanding enterprise culture.

        The 21st century is cultural management era, is the culture, corporate culture will become rich era is enterprise's core competitive ability in enterprise management, is the most important content, enterprises have their own culture, can cause the enterprise has the life vitality, has the real meaning of character, can have a symbol survive development and expansion, for the whole society service foundation. 

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